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Depth Interviews
Market Research


 Another useful market research method is Depth interviews - particularly for interviewing individuals who are hard to reach, or for gaining qualitative insights in to emotional or sensitive topics. If there is a need to demonstrate a special concept or product in depth prior to gaining a respondent's views and opinions, for instance a website, it can also be useful.

TOPLANS company has carried out hundreds of depth interviews with both consumers and businesses as well as CEOs alongside other purchasing managers, , consultants, clinical, administrative and frontline NHS staff, and also a long range of other  audiences who are hard to reach. All of the researchers at TOPLANS are trained and experienced qualitative interviewers and have a background in utilizing specialized qualitative techniques to reach responses and get new insights from respondents.

 Not only do the Depth interviews involve understanding what the respondent is saying verbally, but also it picks up on other triggers which are body language or tone of voice, to lead the interview. The long conversation that takes place with the respondent allows qualitative researchers to better understand personal and individual differences between respondents; to better clarify there are things like sarcasm or innuendo that can result in distorting the meaning of responses if they are not spoken and only written.

This type of interviews, like the majority of qualitative research, aim to understand the emotional causes that bring about a certain idea or opinion; as a result, it enables marketers or influencers to better understand the values of the markets which they are after. Although tastes and fashions undergo changes, what people value generally remain stable for longer periods of time. What it means is that depth interviewing can provide a though understanding of the reason that individuals think what they think or take actions in a certain way.

Our company has made use of depth interviewers to get perceptions, ideas, beliefs and attitudes regarding a certain product, service of any kind, concept, advertisement of different sorts, or packaging of a product. Besides, we have done interviews with many susceptible audiences like the elderly, people who need care and individuals with health problems.

An interview in this category takes between 45 minutes to an hour, and at the end of the interview, respondents are normally given some sort of incentive or a gift for helping us with the research. They can be used for both consumer and B2B markets, and we have the ability and recourses to complete depth interview market research projects in English and Persian.