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TOPLANS is a fast growing research company. Our vision is: to make research one of the primary means of understanding contemporary society, and to make TOPLANS the strategic partner for those who wish to better understand the world. 


Moving to be one of largest independent marketing research company in Iran, we offer a complete line of custom, syndicated, omnibus, panel, and on-line research products and services. TOPLANS has a unique multi-specialist positioning through its six offices across the country.


One of the primary differentiators of TOPLANS is our incredible team of knowledgeable market research professionals. We also offer a wealth of data intelligence, information solutions and consultative services that drive business insights and empower decisions.


TOPLANS was founded in IRAN as an independent company, controlled and managed by research professionals. The experience and background of our team by working in multinational research agencies caused to grow fast ever since. Increasingly more and more companies are turning to us for their research need across the country and region.