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Our Vision, Mission, ambition and core beliefs


    .Gaining a regional and international reputation through becoming the preferred choice for local and international companies who seek  professional Marketing and Research services to have a  successful presence in the local and international markets.


    .To help our local and international clients in understanding the needs of consumers and also the targeted market's dynamics, as well as cooperating in the planning and execution phases of our clients' marketing projects, according to the cultural and consumption habits and also the common trade practices in the target country.


    .TOPLANS is a growth company: Our ambition is to enrich and to strengthen our offer in each of our areas of specialisation, and to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We want to make TOPLANS an Open World for Research and to reinforce our leading position based on high levels of individual and collective professionalism and to grow faster than the market and our main competitors.


    .TOPLANS is a client-oriented organization, whose objective is to be our clients' preferred research company in our chosen areas of specialization. Hence, to better answer our clients' needs we couple Local coverage and delivery with strong operational capabilities.


    .TOPLANS is a specialization-based organization, which this unique multi-specialist positioning differentiates us from other research groups and enables us to meet our clients' expectations as effectively as possible.