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Desk Based
Market Research


Desk research is another common type of research  which involves the evaluation of data that has already been collected, to which we usually refer as secondary data too. This is an example of how we help clients get more insight and information for their money.  It is considered a valuable type of research at TOPLANS and we encourage our clients to catch of glimpse of public domain, or of their own previous studies to be more accurate, to come up with the data that will provide context and insight to any research we conduct for them.

TOPLANS has a long background of carrying out desk research to assess the available opportunities in the market as well as competitor activities for private sector. It worth mentioning that we also have the experience of working in the public sector, for which one prime example is working for FDA (Food and Drug Administration of Iran)


 For sure, a cost effective way to collect data is thorough searches of the Internet, , journals & newspapers, databases of industrial activities, government websites, etc. Some of the benefits of desk research are mentioned below:

• It provides you with accessible secondary data which saves you time and cost.

• It helps the researcher understand the research problem, come up with hypotheses and the most effective methodology and sample for the researches that will take place in the future.

•  By making use of this method, the time and budget that is saved will leave more resources to explore new areas, and it also provides the opportunity for more in-depth analysis

• It provides criteria for evaluation and also the opportunity for comparison over time.