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Focus Group
Market Research


TOPLANS company has conducted hundreds of focus groups/ focus group discussions with consumers and businesses. There are 10 trained moderators who are experienced in applying specialized qualitative techniques to reach the desired results one of which is making use of projective techniques to help solicit responses from the present respondents.

Focused groups are used mainly to capture insights and perceptions, opinions, beliefs and ideas about a product, offerable services, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. 

On a usual basis, 8-10 people are recruited in order to get their responses to specific stimuli. Groups are mainly guided by research moderators, and they make use of a topic guide to manage the discussion to make sure the objectives of the research are met

Online focus groups are also available on request rather than the traditional ones.

The biggest advantage of online focus groups is  that respondents do not need to be from the same geographic area - they can log on to the internet from anywhere in the country and take part. Another feature that online sessions provide is sharing videos, audio and other stimuli which are required with respondents, which makes is exactly look like a focus group discussion. Online groups have been used at TOPLANS to complete research with a wide range of audiences; it is needless to say that they have been successful to a great extent. The transcription of the conversation also is generated at the time of communication.

 The process of live streaming of focus groups gives our clients the opportunity  to view a group discussion from a distance, and there is no need to travel to the location or to make us of more advanced viewing facilities. There is this choice of operating live streams from our own offices, which are located in the big business arias of Tehran (our focus group facility is pictured above). The average time of focus groups is from 1-2 hours , and to compensate the time they have spent, they are gifted with a kind of incentive.

Our team has conducted numerous focus groups for one of the world's largest beverage producers using multiple cameras to give a wide number  of angles and make sure that all respondents are covered. Our offices are all equipped with a HD TV and a video projector for demonstrating multimedia such as advertisements, and many other tools in order to make the respondents more engaged in the discussion; they are equipment like flip charts and tablets for example. There is also an observation room with one way mirror to provide the opportunity to observe the session in person.