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The telephone survey unit of TOPLANS company enjoys having  extensive experience in terms of holding telephone survey market research over multitudinous sectors among consumer and business to business audiences. The surveys take place locally inside Iran and internationally.

An important part of many market research projects is telephone surveys. Having a low cost and high response rate, if you compare it to the normal postal questionnaires which are sent to the respondents, makes telephone interviewing an efficient and cost effective methodology. thanks to our professional CATI department (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing), TOPLANS can act perfectly when it comes to this type of research.

Our CATI unit is managed a our CATI director who has more than 10 years' experience in this area. The department has around 50 stations and utilizes state of the Sawtooth software to allow our telephone survey market research projects to be integrated with other forms of data capture, which includes CAPI and online surveys for instance. Our software also provides us with real-time tracking of complete interviews to ensure effective and properly time tabled quota management, and to facilitate the best usage of available sample; it either could have been provided by the client, or we have sourced it ourselves. Another advantage is that we can provide live results to our clients as soon as the interview finishes

Interviews are done by our team of experienced telephone interviewers who have a thorough background in conducting the surveys by having years of experience in this industry.  Other than that, we also have a professional business to business interviewing team who conduct B2B telephone survey market research on a daily basis. This team enjoys its skills at securing interviews with senior business leaders as well as the people who are very hard to reach.