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The client, however, had less knowledge about its watching habits of Iranians and its digital presence. The fact that users interact with different content on many different devices makes data collection particularly challenging. On the other hand, football matches are one of the highest interest of Iranian youth and approach these group could be a major success for the client.


To generate information about the ability of the client's digital properties to generate reach in different target groups, Toplans helped measure and analyze several thousand users´ behavior for the client by running a media research survey asking yesterdays watching TV programs detailed in every 15 minutes and then consolidated this into one-month reach curves for a number of the most relevant targets.


Addition to what has been aimed to reach, Likewise other media researches the usage habit of TV watch even for all other programs achieved after running the study. Apart from the programs which TV viewers had watched, the client could found various information about the prefered TV programs and about the time of watches during a day night among Iranians and different segments. There were also a development of advertisement decision for the client which were quantified for them to have a better picture of critical time gaps between programs that are more effective for this aim.