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Qualitative Research


Market Research


TOPLANS enjoys his vast experience in conducting qualitative market research and is capable of making use of all qualitative methodologies, including:


  • Focus groups or group discussions/mini groups
  • Online group discussions
  • Home visits discussion
  • In Depth interviews
  • Telephone In depth interviews
  • Observation
  • Accompanied surfs/web enabled groups


The senior team of researchers in TOPLANS are responsible for holding all qualitative research in this company.

Here is some outlined some background information below in case you are not familiar with qualitative market research…

 The purpose of Qualitative Research is providing an understanding the how or why behind the existence of everything.  For instance, a group of mobile phone users might be asked by a market researcher to explain how they have chosen their tariff product and the reason behind choosing that one.  The discussion can include areas such as how they use their phone, how they gain their information on mobile phone tariffs, how they select their supplier etc.

Contrary to quantitative research, there are not any fixed questions but, instead, a discussion guide is used to evaluate various issues in depth. In this type of research, It is the respondent’s own thoughts and feelings which determines the discussion between the interviewer, or moderator as he/she is called here, and the respondent. The interview happens to be longer than usual quantitative interviews and fewer interviews normally take place.

There are numerous types of methodologies for qualitative market research.  This type of research usually is conducted through face to face interviews, out of which the best known technique is the market research focus group discussion.  The groups are made up of 6 to 8 targeted respondents, a moderator who asks the required questions, draws out answers, and motivates the respondents to carry on with the discussion, and also there is an observation area usually in back of one way mirrors, and video as well as audio taping facilities. The number of groups which  are usually conducted together per project are often around 4-6.

Also, qualitative market research can be a 'one on one' basis too. In here, an in-depth market research takes place between a respondent and an experienced interviewer, a paired depth in which there are two respondents, a triad which is made up of three respondents, or a mini group discussion seating 4-5 respondents together at a session.